Calendar Cover for Caia Koopman
Graphic for Onewheel's Race for the Rails event
Web Ads for Faraday
Facebook ad for Onewheel
2015 GamutUSA Catalog Spread
Responsive website and branding for MJS Construction Management
2016 Freewaters Catalog
2017 Gamut Catalog
Booth art for Faraday
2015 GamutUSA Catalog Spread
2014 Breezer Catalog Cover
Ad for Distinction Art & Caia Koopman
2014 Easton Dealer Book
2015 Breezer Repack Bike Graphics
2015 Freewaters Catalog
2011 Santa Cruz Bicycles Catalog : Cover Design
2011 Santa Cruz Bicycles Catalog
Logo for Caia Koopman
Specialized Water Bottles : 2014 Trade Show Banner
Cover and Icon for Easton Cycling's series of shop manuals
2015 GamutUSA Catalog Spread
Breezer D'Fusion Logo
Santa Cruz Bicycles: Syndicate Poster
Santa Cruz Tallboy Logo
Santa Cruz Bicycles: Ad layout/design, and bike graphics
2014 Specialized Water Bottle Catalog
Santa Cruz APP Logo
Easton M1 Hub Upgrade Ad Series
Zero Motorcycles : Poster Design